Protein supplementation for sports

Diet provides the nutrients, vitamins and amino acids needed for optimum body performance, which is essential for sports practice, especially when it comes to muscle mass gain. At our stores in Barcelona, we have a whole section dedicated to proteins and products that will have a positive impact on your training and goals, such as creatine.

Benefits of protein supplements

At DietCenter in Barcelona we have a sports supplements section consisting of protein-based products. These are presented in different formats, such as pills, liquid or powder, and are designed to complement your diet and provide your body with everything it needs for intensive training.

Such are their positive effects that they can improve your performance in everyday training routines, maximise your energy levels and reduce body pain. Additionally, they help prevent muscle tear and injuries.

What you will find at our centre

Our centre in Barcelona has a wide range of sports supplements among which you can find:

● Energy enhancers: caffeine, taurine and guarana
● Isotonic, protein and energy drinks
● Protein (regular and vegan-friendly)
● Protein and energy bars
● L-Arginine HCL and L-Carnitine
● Essential minerals
● Carbohydrates
● Amino acids
● Creatine
● Collagen
Special creams for massages and gels for muscle recovery

The brands we work with

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