Ecological and natural cosmetics

Ecological cosmetics, currently a growing trend, provide all the power of nature and has a positive impact on the environment. We have created a natural cosmetics department in Barcelona having in mind the best for your skin. Here you can get everything you need for your daily care and makeup.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

The ecological cosmetics we offer at DietCenter in Barcelona are based on natural ingredients and therefore made without chemicals and petroleum-based components, preventing the release of harmful residues to the planet. Your body will also benefit from these:

• They are suited for any kind of skin thanks to their similarity with the lipid layer
• They are hypoallergenic and do not contain synthetic aromas, artificial perfumes or preservatives
• They do not cause reddening or unwanted side effects
• They regenerate and nourish the skin while deeply moisturising it

Our catalogue for natural cosmetics

Our stores in Barcelona offer a selection of natural cosmetics carefully chosen for every individual.

Moisturiser and facial serums
● Ecologic hair products such as shampoos, natural dyes and Henna dyes
Body care products including creams and natural supplements
● Soaps, gels, body oils and tampons for feminine hygiene
● Sun protection products
Oral health: creams and mouthwash
● Home accessories: candles, incense, seed pillows and more

The brands we work with

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