Herbal shop in Barcelona

We have led the natural and herbal dispensary field in Barcelona for over 30 years thanks to the constant dedication of our experts. Our stores in Sants, Enteça, Les Corts and the Sagrada Familia market have a carefully selected array of products and a multidisciplinary group of professionals. Together, we will help you find the healthiest options to relieve any of your symptoms and find the perfect balance for a healthy living.


Natural remedies

At DietCenter we offer a wide range of solutions. Our herbal store offers medicinal plants in several forms (in bulk, extracts, essences, tablets...), as well as Bach flowers and all you need to leave behind negative emotions. We also have a vegan-friendly list of products to help maintain a healthy diet, dietary supplements for athletes and natural cosmetics.

The power of nature has been used for thousands of years. Our experts can help you exploit it and improve your quality of life in the short, medium and long term.

A broad and diverse catalogue

To help you improve your fitness, our herbal store has carefully designed a broad and diverse catalogue of products. We assure you that at DietCenter you will find what you are looking for. Visit us in Barcelona!

• Herbal store with more than 200 medicinal plants
• Ecological cosmetics
• Organic food
• Gluten-free low-sugar products for healthy diets
Vegan-friendly proteins and ingredients
Dietary supplements
• Preparations of formulas with Bach flowers
• And much more

The brands we work with

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