Dietary supplements

Achieving body balance is ideal to enjoy full potential. Sometimes, nutritional imbalance can cause low mood and lack of energy. At DietCenter we have extensive experience and stock a wide range of supplements in different forms, perfect to restore your body balance. Take a look at our dietary and multivitamin supplements in Barcelona and enjoy an active and healthier life!

Tailored advice

Each person has different and specific needs. Our experts in Barcelona provide personalised advice to help you choose the best supplement or multivitamins according to your needs.

Through the intake of supplements, the body can receive all the vitamins and nutrients it needs for you to feel good and face live enthusiastically and with energy. Additionally, consuming dietary supplements will help you boost your defences and keep flu at bay as well as other diseases and ailments.


Our supplements

In Barcelona, we have a wide selection of supplements from the best brands from essential nutrients for the body to mineral salts, vitamins and amino acids. Our products will help you improve your health and well-being.

We have all kinds of supplements, specialising in medicinal plants and mushrooms, in many formats: capsules, soluble and tablets.

The brands we work with

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